SOCIAL DEFORMITY have appeared on light in the autumn of 2001 in Perm on wreckages of death metal band "POGOST". The debut material " GROTESQUE DEPRAVITY " (started to enter the name under a signboard "POGOST" in a structure Anatoliy Shablov - drums, Aleksey Malcev - bass and vocals, Ilya "Reanimator" Cikin - guitar), sustained in death/grind a key with small raid industrial, already notably selected(allocated) group among young local high-gravity groups. In October in a structure SOCIAL DEFORMITY run in Eugenie "Yaohan" Trushnikov - vocals and Pavel Chirkin - guitar, and there is a farewell with "Reanimator". From this moment the quartet is active acts in Perm and goes on tour. In the winter of 2002 there comes time to part with "Yaohan", at concerts him substitutes Andrew "Ind" Merzlyakov from GRENOUER. By spring the fresh program " THE ENEMY " practically is finished, and safely is permanent vocal - Constantine "White" Zubarev (ex-INFANTUM TERRIBLE, COD). It is necessary to tell, that with it(him) SOCIAL DEFORMITY finally find one's own a face and bright individuality. The musical reference points, death metal slightly vary also (!) Departs on the second schedule, succumbing stands to modern metallically chesspieces; compromise stylistic definition SOCIAL DEFORMITY can be blast core, not quite reflecting limiting power engineering of group (from NAPALM DEATH both BENEDICTION up to NAILBOMB and MACHINE HEAD). All spring the group grinds a new material at concerts, and summer starts a record. In the meantime debut relis
" GROTESQUE DEPRAVITY " will be released on cassettes (FATAL FORUM Prods, Russia) and view of a Split - CD (ECLIPSE Recs., Japan).

LINE UP 2002:
Konstantin "White" Zubarev - vocal
Pavel Chirkin - guitars
Alexey Maltsev - bass
Anatoly Shablov - drums